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About Me

I am Gaurav Lokhande and i am from Bhopal which is famous for Upper Lake it is also known as Bhojtal. Currently I am pursuing BTech in CSE  branch from SAM College Engineering Bhopal. I choose Computer  Science Engineering subject because I have lots of interest in computers and how software, applications are made and how these applications work. I have lots of interest in learning new technologies and doing innovations. As I was in 2nd year of my college I made ne Assistant like google assistant for making this project I used Microft API and Raspberry Pi, in these projects I was not able to add voice but in these projects, the user can ask a question by typing. This project was not enough for exploring my ideas and thougts so I learned Java, Php, MySql, Jquery, Ajax, basics of Android Studio and wordpress.

When I was learning wordpress that time I thought to make one e-commerce website and I published on Internet. Then I thought that I should make an website from scratch so I learned Php and MySql then I created some basic websites for my practise. After this I want to make websites more user friendly so I learned jquery and Ajax. For basic understanding of Front-End I also learned basics of HTML and CSS. This is not end of learning I keept learning Java side by side. I learned basic concepts of Java 7 and made some basic projects using java. Now I am learning new features of Java 8 and frameworks of Java. 

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